Studio Nicolas Denolle

Independent graphic designer and illustrator living and working on the sunny island of Mallorca. With a multidisciplinary approach, he works for international clients, creating playful, clean and functional work for both commercial and cultural projects. In his spare time he likes to draw, paint, go into the sea and to wonder around with his camera. He is currently working as senior designer at  Apple.


Feel free to get in touch for more information, new projects or commissions:



Personal: @nicolasdenolle

Illustration: @the_koni_island


ECAL/University of Arts and Design, Lausanne, Switzerland

Bachelor of Visual Communication in Graphic Design, 2008—2013

Selected Clients/Collaborators

Apple (US)

Puma (DE)

Camper (ES)

Successió Miró (ES)

Es Baluard, Museum of Contemporary Art of Palma de Mallorca (ES)

TANK Magazine (UK)

Pull&Bear (ES)

Habitissimo (ES)

Billabong (FR)

Mind Design (UK)

Editions La Maison (FR)

Anne-Sophie Pic (FR)

Kanabeach (FR)

Pascal Allaman Architecte d’intérieur (FR)

La Fábrica Editorial (ES)


Art Direction

Book Design

Graphic Design

Web Design

Editorial Design

Creative Direction


Wall Painting


Art Nit Campos, 2018

Galeria Marimon, Can Picafort, 2018

Solo Show: Le Soleil Brille: Menos Samba, Palma 2018

Inca Street Art Festival, 2018 & 2019

Nit de l'Art, Local A, Palma de Mallorca 2019

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Colours of Nature, 2020

Personal project, Art Direction

Picobello Studio, 2021

Visual Identity & Web Design

Chocolat, Éditions La Maison, 2020

Art Direction, Editorial Design

CUBRO, 2019

Visual Identity

PUMA, 2019

Print Design, Textile Design

Souvenirs from Terra Incognita, 2019

Personal project, 420x297mm

Cassoulet, Éditions La Maison, 2019

Art Direction, Editorial Design

Muvon Palma, 2018

Visual Identity

Nanjing LongLine Runway Park, Arter, 2018

Visual Identity and leaflet

Agrumes, Éditions La Maison, 2017

Book with recipes about citrus for the Michelin 3-Star chef Anne-Sophie Pic

Art Direction, Editorial Design

Pascal Allaman, 2017

Web design for the parisian interior architect & designer Pascal Allaman
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Web Design, Graphic Design

Camper for Kids, Fall/Winter 2018

Print Design, Illustration

APAC, Congo, 2017

Visual Identity for the Association of promotion of the Congolese Arts
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Visual Identity, Web Design, Graphic Design

El Ojo de Miro, 2015

Bookdesign for the photographer Jean Marie del Moral about Miro’s object collection

Editorial Design, Graphic Design

Festival Classique au Large, 2018

Posters for the music festival, St-Malo

Graphic Design, Illustration

Wall Paintings


BonVivant, Palma de Mallorca 2016

Visual Identity and graphics for the Interior design & Concept store

Visual Identity, Graphic Design

Jean Marie del Moral, 2015

Web design for the photographer
(Go to the Site)

Web Design

Terra Incognita, ECAL, 2013

Diploma project about explorations

Editorial Design, Art Direction, Photography

CAMPER for Kids, S/S 2017

Illustrations for the Kids shoe collection

Illustration, Graphic Design

Magnolia, Geneva, 2015

Art direction and collages for a catalog of petrified wood collection

Illustration, Graphic Design

Documenting a Stranger, 2015

Book Design for the Swiss photographer Pauline Miserez

Editorial Design

CAMPER for Kids, F/W 2017

Illustrations for the Kids shoe collection

Illustration, Graphic Design

Stock Tools, 2013

Book design for the Belgium Product Designer Levi Dethier

Illustration, Editorial Design

Tolmao, 2015

Visual Identity for the Swiss production company

Web Design, Visual Identity

Cartujano, 2015

Book design for the Spanish brand

Editorial Design

CAMPER for Kids, S/S 2016

Illustration for kids shoes


Airport Weather, ECAL, 2012

Illustration for screens about weather


The African Shirt Company, 2014

Art direction, photography